Healthiest way to Drink Water

Here is giving away two of the healthiest ways to drink water , that will not only soothe you but unknowingly ,do so much good to your internal system,  that your body will thank you enough for choosing this way of drinking Water. 

HATS OFF to our Nani’s and Dadi’s for introducing the same to us, and the scientist cannot agree more with them.

Copper Vessels- Healthiest way to drink water


Copper is a wonderful Metal from the past that comes with its amazing benefits, and that too in a – NATURAL WAY.  The most wonderful thing that my grandmother (NANI) told me was that the healthiest way to drink water from these vessels is by, Filling up a “COPPER JUG” with water at night and then drinking that water the first thing in the morning, even before going to the loo.


When water is stored in the vessel overnight then copper ions mix with the water in small amounts. This whole process is termed “the oligodynamic effect”. The water now has the capability to destroy microbes, fungi, and bacteria present in it.

This copper instilled water not only becomes safe for drinking but also gets a very good number of health benefits along with it, which helps in improving the overall functioning of the system of your body.

Believe me or not, I have been following this right from my childhood till date and given my body the boost and positivity that it deserves in a complete “NATURAL WAY”


  • Balances The 3 Doshas Of Human Body-

    According to Ayurveda, drinking water from a copper vessel has the capability of balancing the 3 doshas of the human body- VATA, KAPHA, AND PITTA. This is done as the water present in the copper vessel kills all the microorganisms like molds, fungi, algae, and bacteria. The water positively charges itself, thereby purifying the human body and balancing the doshas.

  • Maintains the Body Ph Balance-

    Drinking this water helps in maintaining the body’s Ph (acid-alkaline) balance

  • Slows down the aging Process-

    Known to have excellent anti-oxidant and cell forming properties, Copper helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, as it fights off free radicals- that are the main cause behind the formation of fine lines.

             Further, it also helps in producing new and healthy skin.

  • Helps in Weight Reduction-

    Drinking water stored in a Copper Jug/Bottle helps you reduce weight by breaking down the fat and efficiently flushing it out of your system.

  • Helps in Detox and Better Digestion-

    Copper reduces inflammation and kills bacteria that are harmful to the stomach, thereby healing ulcers, acidity, indigestion, infections, and gastric problems. It thereby detoxes our whole system, helping the liver and kidney to function properly.

  • Faster healing of Wounds and Strengthening the Immune system-

    The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties that are present in Copper help to heal wounds quickly. 

    The same properties also help in boosting up the immune system of the body and building up new cells.

With so many benefits in its accord, don’t you think that this is definitely the healthiest way to drink water? It can give us benefits, way more than we can probably think of.


Make sure the bottle you are using is actually Copper and no substitute.

PRO TIP- Buy a vessel with a wider mouth, wide enough so that you can insert your hand inside the mouth of the vessel to clean it properly ( THIS IS WHAT WAS SUGGESTED BY MY NANI). It helps a great deal in the long run.


  • Make a mixture of lemon juice, salt, and vinegar.
  • Fill the vessel with water and pour the mixture inside it.
  • Leave it overnight (Approx. 8 hours)
  • Rinse it in the morning.


There is a product called “PITAMBARI” specially created to clean Copper Utensils and Products.

Take some of it on your hands, rub the whole product with it and then rinse it. You will get a flawless shine, with the product being cleaned up to the core.

The product is easily available in any local (KIRANA) store in India.  You can even buy it online.

to sum it up

Copper acts as a catalyst in our system that helps right from the formation of new cells to the proper functioning of the body. It even helps to absorb iron.

So help your body get all the benefits of Copper- with this age-old belief that was considered as the healthiest way to drink water.

Especially by:

Filling up the copper bottle with water at night and drink it right in the morning, before brushing your teeth. 

To reap all the benefits stated above- drink water at least 2-3 times from the vessel.

Clay Pots- Healthiest way to drink water


Have you ever drunk water from a Matka? If yes, then probably you know the (bheeni-bheeni si mehak) authentic smell and taste of the water when poured out of it. It brings along a soothing factor as well as the exact cooling effect,  that probably your body needs and accepts. 

And if not- then probably you‘ve missed out on something that is not only good for your body but also a great quencher for thirst.

Why do I say it?

I say this because it is a natural magic formula that heals our body with the elements of earth, making clay pots, one of the healthiest ways to drink water.


  • Cooling the Water

Clay Pots (Matkas) have this really very unique way of cooling the water. It totally depends on the weather outside.

After filling water in the clay pot, just wait for a couple of hours and you will notice that the water becomes cool and soothing enough to drink.  No other material holds this kind of quality.

  • A Natural Filter

Studies have proven that water automatically purifies itself within 4 hours from being stored in an earthen pot. So artificial filters like RO etc., are no longer required, for purifying water and making it safe for drinking.

  • It is gentle on your throat

Try comparing and drinking water from the fridge to that of a Matka. The water from the fridge is harsh whereas water from a Matka is gentle on your throat. The best solution for people who catch a cold easily.

Moreover, the cold water from the fridge artificially quenches your thirst for the moment, but the water from an earthen pot quenches your thirst to the T.

  • Alkaline Nature relieves Acidity

Clay is alkaline in nature. The alkalinity of Clay contradicts the acidity present in the water, and thus goes ahead to stabilize the Ph balance of our body. This water helps a great deal and verges the acidity of our body, relieving us from the pains of gastric disorders. This is one of the most humble benefits that we gain from earthen pots.

  • Prevention of Heat Strokes

I am sure, each and every one of us might have incurred a headache after a heat stroke when we just come back home from an exhausting summer afternoon. Even things like diarrhea and dehydration are known problems of the excruciating summers.

Having water from clay pots, which is not only cool but is so rich in nutrients, that you can fight them and at times bid adieu to these problems.

  • Boosting up Metabolism- just the right way

We are advised to drink at least 2-3 liters of water to keep ourselves hydrated. It helps in improving our metabolism.

Our normal practice is drinking water from plastic water bottles that contain chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A), which are dangerous and can cause health hazards. On the contrary, drinking water from a clay pot boosts up your metabolism rate without the risk of any dangerous chemicals.

Clay pots also have the ability to balance the amount of testosterone in our body, which is directly opposite, when compared to plastic bottles. Thereby, I very strongly recommend adapting to this healthiest way to drink water.


CAUTION- Never use soap while cleaning Clay (Earthenware) Pots/Vessels.

The best way to clean earthenware is:

  • Take warm/hot water and mix it with baking soda. (Measurement: 3 tablespoons Baking Soda/ liter of water)
  • Fill the pot with this mixture (Water + Baking Powder).
  • Leave it to soak overnight.
  • The next morning clean the pot with a scrub pad or a soft bristle brus

to sum it up

Earthenware is declared as one of the safest materials for cookware and utensils. The formulation of the pots is made from EARTH, which knows what is essential for the Human Body and gives it exactly what it needs.

So you will definitely be doing a favor to yourself if you adopt this method of drinking water. Let your body have the pleasure to function properly- THE NATURAL WAY.



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